Did anyone notice how Lindt Lindor Truffles packaging is very wine-bottley?

I happily received Lindt's lovely dream-weaving chocolate from a dear friend of mine. The one she gracefuly endowed Justin and I with is the Limited Edition Seasonal Milk Chocolate with White cream center (mmm, mmm and triple mmmm!).

Some observations that I cannot help but make:
1) Lace graphics- a visual identity cue for Lindt. Why? Is Lindt based in an old grandma's kitchen? No. It is not.
2) Fair hints of blurry Christmas lights... I guess to hint that you had too much wine before the chocolate. Just kidding! The snowman at the upper right corner of the bag was replaced, this year by a sleek and modernly illustrated bow, which is much more consistent with the rest of the line of chocolate.

3) Gold type on bright cerulean blue dull gloss? Really?! WHY?!! Do you not want me to read about your "160 years of Passion for Chocolate" at all? Now you're just showing off, Lindt!!

Oh! I gladly ate a truffle to show you how the individual wrappers look, as well.
4) They kept the snowman on the wrappers... (ok, my heart just sped up when i finished that- no lie! it must be because i had Marzipan flavored Cost Plus coffee with Hersheys syrup to wash it down....)

and here's some proof that you will always be underdressed when eating a Lindt truffle!:

That all said, I still love Lindor truffles like crazy!!!!

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