A New Year

my holidays this year were the best i've ever had. <3

sadly, 2009 was the first year in 4 years that i did not keep all my resolutions.
actually, this was due to a technicality: i only had one resolution!

I made monthly lists of 4-7 topics i wanted to be more knowledgeable about decided to learn one fact about those one of those 4-7 topics, every day of that month.

unfortunately, this system failed about 6 months through, when i began cramming homework, artwork and work time together and began to feel a wee bit overworked. i became so overworked, in fact, that i started to have to doodle out some of my to-do lists because any bulleted list at first glance (even "free-time wishlists") was beginning to look menacing!


2010 Resolutions!
1 - post something originally created by me, weekly. it could be a photo, a mixed media piece, a digital piece, a sketch, a doodle... etc!
2- post a small inspirational collage at least monthly! i miss doing that, when i had the time, because it really helped develop my own unique aesthetic eye.
3- eat a macaron (finally!).
4- make time for devotional reading, nonfiction reading, and fiction reading, again!
5- eat less meat!
6- frequent my sketchbook, again.
7- cook, more.
8- drive more.
9- journal, more.
10- work & play hard, at least once, every day!

what are your new year's resolutions?

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