Work from Midnight Snackings Show

Midnight Snackings of Meanie Antoinette

hey everyone, currently, the artist I curated for last has my favorite and last painting but here's the photos from my last solo show. Here is my artist statement:

"Welcome to the world of Meanie Anotinette, where when one goes to bed hungry for dessert, one has some pretty funny dreams! Meanie's grandmother does not allow Meanie to eat dessert, after dinner. So Meanie dreams of feasting on these sugary delicacies to her heart's content (literally)!
Here, our heroine and her two bunny slippers are free to wander and sample a world full of fudge, Parisian macarons, mochi, marshmallows, cupcakes, frosting and icecream! Her world is inspired by a belief that every "grown up person" would be better off if they had at least one small moment of whimsy, indulgence and carefree silliness, every day! Have you had your cupcake, today?"

In Which Meanie is Sent to Bed with No Dessert
In Which Meanie is Caught in Tough Cookie's Cavern
In Which Meanie ambushes Mr.Delicious at Frosting Forge
In Which Meanie meets Monster Scoop
In Which Meanie Finds a Maca-go-ron
In Which they all have Stomach Aches at Fudge Falls

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  1. I like the "Fudge Falls" without the stomach aches, haha.