the boyfriend blazer

i forgot to say that when i went out to grab a ton of frames for my paper art show at the thrift, i also managed to bag a really cute vintage 80s creme yellow blazer that fit decently for someone who cannot afford the covetable boyfriend blazer, this season. justin didn't understand. he said something like, "I just don't understand it if I can't see your form."... which is boyspeak for show me some bod... *le sigh*... boys...

i'm not saying everyone should be stick thin (the people who know me know that it's not my goal to be). and though it would be fun to have a bunch of money to spend on shopping all the time, i'm not saying i would do that either. i am still super frugal and do not own more than a closet full of clothes (what I need). fashion is not life. art is not life. they're both interpretative expressions of it.

i'm saying let me have my fun, darling! everyone has their inspirations for creativity. i have mine. some of the greatest creative directors have been involved in the fashion industry. people in music, literature, film and fine art have looked to la mode for inspiration. the colors, proportions, cultural references, vintage muses... it's all there.

and it's fun for me. it's like dress up. i even create girls based on what i see. i may not be made for two hours in front of the blue box or for playing soccer or for even playing a 3rd person shooter game (i feel like vomiting three minutes into play)... but i can design a poster of solely blobs of color and it will make you feel like the 70s (thanks to fashion fandom).

so boo you, boyfriend! haha go play your ps3.




I have changed by illustration company name to Spongecake Illustration. Finally, I have chosen a new name that I find completely fitting. It's based on my theory that what you gift through art is what you have collected through life. And my little girls are to now be named "Sponge babies". And me? I am to be called Madame Sponge.

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