The Pop art show was pretty cool
. I feel greatly rewarded for my hard work/ dedication when i see that I have the ability to put together an event that will promote dedicated artists and deserving venues. I have never been a social butterfly and I find it funny that I can put together such a social event. I look forward to organizing more with Kamon and also artists I have networked with because someday I want to own my own little galleries and this will be contributing experience for that

work by Jason Rico

I'm getting use to the responsibilities of networking and the benefits they reap. I've been asked to help coordinate the art show section of a benefit concert put together for a cause I have been supporting since I viewed it's documentary in 2005. It's called Invisible Children, and I am going to be selling some of my past paintings at the event for anywhere between 15%-100% proceeds towards Invisible Children. It will be at a benefit concert Capital Garage, Sacramento, August 29th at 9pm right after the live art show I organized with some friends at Kamon.

Also, this is my last month illustrating for my current commissioner and it's really getting to the point where I wish I had read that illustration book before I signed the contract. Reading is invaluable.


Playful Type
I could sit and look at it, for hours. totally inspiring. this is added to my WISHLIST*.

by Cees W de Jong et. al
helped me a ton with my poster homework for message making. the work in it is ingenius, inspiring and moving.

New Poster Art

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