i actually like my 15 hr Wednesdays at school because i have enough time and isolation to concentrate wholey on my homework. on a regular wednesday, this term i go to class, get 3 classes of work done on the faster computers and better software versions than available at the house. I also get to meet my current client for an hour to discuss my finals and roughs for the week.
then, if my work gets done, i i get to sneak in some extra curricular studying/reading/inspiration hunting to my heart's content in the library. through out the day, i see all my teachers and classmates that are in the campus that day, taking advantage to promote and network.

speaking of. here's what we do in my type 2 class, which i had to beg and plead for. most of the kids i entered AI with are in type 4 and finally things lined up to where i can start catching up!

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