i have several resolutions, this year. i like making resolutions. more than that, i like to keep them. within the last 3 years i have kept my resolutions. which is difficult, because i tend to be pretty determined and ambitious with the resolutions i create for myself. once i started achieving the big things i didn't think i could, i got addicted! so it's really a big thing for me.

i don't tell many people my specific changes. i just hope they feel the change. i do have very good ways to keep myself accountable perpetually, every day. i make sure of that.

one of my resolutions that i can talk about is a lot more strict than ones i've made before because it is based on a weekly schedule. people who know me know that i live off of lists, planning, dependability, motivation and scheduling. i'm attached to my ChiChai monchan organizer/planner.

considering that i learn a good lot of technique, art culture and craft through daily digests and school, i made a list of other things i'd like very much to read and learn about. i also threw in some tasks that i would like to do more often. i split all of these up in seven short lists and gave each list a day of the week.

every day of the week, i have a selection of 2-4 things i can read/learn about or practice for 10 to 30 minutes. i'm very excited about what kind of person i will be at the end of the year because of this studious resolution! perhaps from month to month i'll switch around what i will learn about.

here's to a succesful year for all of us!


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