Another Little Dog

i am taking care of a small dog that has been wandering and whining outside my friend's house the past few days. it's small but has the markings of a rottweiler or a miniature pincher, but i think it's a rottweiler-terrier mix... or maybe a long haired dachshund-terrier/rottweiler mix. he's so well behaved and sweet that even my parents are pulling for him to find his home.

the only bad thing about him staying here has been that he whined all night when i had to leave him to go to sleep. i don't think he slept much because i woke up to him whining a few times and also he's still yawning. he has been shadowing me with wagging tail all morning and kurplunked his little body next to my feet as i type this, chin on my right foot... sleeping, leg twitching and all.

the sad thing is i think he's already attached to me and i fully intend to take him to the SPCA, asap. he has a collar with no tag. i'm going to see if he has any embedded. he's trained to respond to calls, housebroken, quiet, sweet and so well-behaved it's a hard to believe someone would just kick him out. if i have to put up posters about his finding i will make sure the people who call know the color of his collar so that he goes to the same place where he came from.

he seems pretty spoiled. he didnt want to eat any dog food my other friend gave me except a milk bone. also, he whines whenever i lay in bed as if he wants to join me. he's definetly an indoor dog. if his home treated him so well, i hope he finds it. although, he has some very small deposits at his eyes so i'm worried he may be sick or maybe he was put out for being sick.

in other news i have been crowned winner of the smiley award in our choir for the pieces we shared on television. i think that's going to be my nickname.

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