so now that i'm for sure gonna get my dream short wavy and cutesy haircut... im thinking bout....HATS.

styles of hats. inspiration: VOGUE ITALIA

AMATI cloches/ hat

CHANEL baret

LIKA cloche and baret

styles of hat, inspiration: ETSY

from HiJinx



also always cold. my nose, feet and hands. but for hands:

Comomilla for Hello Kitty

pS: i had the oddest dream. that i was at school with justin and suddenly they made my classmates, chanel iman and coco rocha and me walk down the aisle between the desks. and i was nervous and i tripped to the side sort of like Coco's recent spread... and i got all embarrassed. and chanel said, "it's ok. happens to the best of us." weeeeeeeeeeird.

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