LOVING the Monsieurs by Blancucha

bestie and i have colds. when we met up yesterday i dont think we brightened up until 1/2 way through Phantom of the Opera but i did love spending time with her. though i am taking him to the SPCA, today, the dog has gotten comfortable and happy in this house. after much prompting i have picked a temporary name. Fredo, because i wanted to name him Frida but he's a male. His last name is Manolo. Because he likes shoes. anyway, i've been drawing up a lot of illustrations, which i've been craving to do all break and will be excited to display here, soon. in the meantime...:



Lui et Elle

The Monsieurs

The Writer



illustrated tees

Steven Shein.
adorable eye candy-ish accessories!

the concept of I HEART GUTS. aaah.. how funny.

the design behind PLAY by Comme Des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo's younger line.

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