Some Projects

hey here's a sneak peek at a few things i worked on this past week

1) for her friend, the trucker, from Colorado. a shirt inspired by the Rockies, semis and the Colorado license plate green. the truck thing is not an image i work with a lot so i used a lot of the style the client likes in my work within this piece. simplified.

2) for her bf, who apparently has the same initials as Donnie Brasco- his favorite movie. this graphic is blown up on the front of the tee... "fuhget abaht it!" also another type of imagery i don't work on often, but it was actually pretty fun to work on an aggressive-guyish graphic.

3) latest coloring of an illustration. my colleague and i are working out color finalization for this because we have big plans for it.

future: an MSA collab for local music artists// a collab that depicts an angry puppy... and a few projects i already had on the list.


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