christmas eve eve was spent eating a buffet with justin and also spending some 1-on-1 time with my #1 girl, chelle.
christmas eve consisted of doing lots of fun things that i have wanted to relax and enjoy!

christmas day:
**i've been working on some totoro related project this month and i got a little obsessed with watching the movie by Studio Ghibli. people have noticed. i watched it with justin's younger fam as he slept and my bestie gave me a mini totoro from Japan!
**the consensus this year is that tiffany likes pink, fuschia to be exact. a good call since although my fave is yellow, pink is the color i like to look at best. got a lot of pink aeropostale gear this year.. including a sweater. which i seriously wished i would get up and find as a gift for christmas. i've needed something warm and cozy!
**said goodbye to a little boy i took care of. justin's nephew is returning to canada, tonight.
**drove around with my <3. src="http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/61/m_e8298b1562da4ea18d3bb569f7dbc1f2.jpg">

AND NOW FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE... we really like Phantom. this is what karaoke led us to:


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