hey guys. im just feel really humbled by all the gifts... i feel like a little kid and i and i surely dont deserve so much giving! and i didnt expect it. but thank you for your love and your care for me!

yesterday was interesting. i don't have any saturday pictures. i sang on tv with my choir -the funnest group ever!- and as usual i was the only one smiling... haha but hey we sounded good. went to another inspiring memorial... a lady in our church who died at over 100 yrs. she was super sharp tho. she still came to church up to that last service. my friend use to give her a ride there from the retirement home where we sang every month. she was so sweet. makes you feel like even if you have no "home" or "family" left... as long as you give love to the end, you will have them both, really. and you will leave your legacy. went to tita edith's. thanks for the lovely chinese food and the doggie and the estee lauder (i was running out of my current fragrance!). how sweet. =)

went to joe's with the youth where i worked on a cd album project. MSA is strong and its my favorite collab group. we have awesome chemistry. hot hot hot cover, so far.

also haha i guess you guys read this but thanks ate janice and ate jesska for the gifts. its not labeled from you. but i guess you guys got them? you are the only people that follow my wish lists, every year! haha <3 GREAT GIFT FOR CREATIVES

1) this doodle mug comes with chalk markers. color on it and wash it off. warm up on it before illustrating and you'll feel like you've done more work than usual! precompositional work on a mug- encouragingly fun!
2) i get a little crazy when i apply color by hand. i get too lazy to put away the utensils when im done. sooner than later i have a ton of colored pencils out and the disorganization makes me feel like i need to use ALL of them. (does anyone else have that problem?) i drink only hot water and thought i'd use the mug as a usual mug but i thought since the marker is toxic, i'd use the cup as my current-color-utensil-holder. it disciplines my color use haha and! it looks good in process photos!

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