Almost 2009

this morning i worked on some sculpey figures for a friend to place in his bonsai tree. i use to play with fimo all the time in elementary school and get made fun of! but i had so much fun anyway, so HA! i thought my knack was gone for making tiny creatures but i even got to paint these. my favorites were my little mini totoros... i kinda want to eat that icecream, right now. anyway these lil guys are a little thinner than a penny at the bottom.

also. pretty happy. we got to swing by our alma mater, before errands, today. this meant we finally got the 6th pic on our annual December collage... you know since there's only a few days left in December he thought hey we should get this done! (bleh!) sadly the fog that was ever so heavy in the beginning of the month is now long gone.
and in his hurry to place our latest portrait in the collage he had forgotten to shave and bring a jacket.... this is our first sunny shot out of all 6 winters. he says it's a good sign, though...

(yes, real) outakes:

it was surprisingly hard to keep straight faces during this year's shoot. aw warm fuzzies!

according to fashionologie.com, someone bought Bill Blass... excited to see if it's for better or worse!

MSA is finalizing our first album cover design. regrettably we don't get to design the whole case. i feel we could've had such a cleaner and more hard hitting concept if we had been able to get that opportunity. and i feel that would've benefited the client. but it's ok. it's still exciting. we're on our 4th round of finalizations.

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