Lumographic Diana cameras. Love 'em. Want 'em. Or want some time to take pictures and MAKE them look like they were taken on one...

[ source: Photo Agency ]
I have a terrible itch to antique, thrift and go vintage shopping, again. I think I get it every fall. My boyfriend finally admitted that he wants to restore furniture. Match made in heaven!
Found Influence by the Olsens... which I was lucky enough to snag for only $2! (it sells at ten times that price, online). Justin got it for me. Almost got Audobon's birds, too, but decided I'd rather have a new copy, instead, someday. I also drooled over one of the best sets of vinyl record covers I've seen in quite some time. Some were silk screened and all of it was juicy! I haven't heard 80% of it but all the typography made my heart skip! I should have lived in the 60s.

[ source unknown. home-finding welcome! ]
I am so happy. Lately I've gotten to be in libraries three times a week! I love libraries and use to be teased when I was a child because that was my "favorite place". It's heaven being back in them, again. I want to check out the entire place. Lastnight, I went crazy and photographed tons of old book spines because of the typography. Amazing! I took a ton in this one library that had rows of really old poetry and philosophy books. *swooon*! Lonely old books... I shall give you company!

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