2010 wishlist!

It's about that time that I get asked what my wishlist is...


Functioning Heart Measuring Spoons

Gift Certificate to: Cost Plus World Market (for heart-shaped pancake/egg mold and heart shaped mini baking mold)


digby and iona stump necklace, initials: JD & TV


“Seriously When are you going to grow up?” cuff by Steven Shein


BOOKS [in priority order]

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes by Martha Stewart

Hello Kitty: 3 apples Exhibition book by Sanrio

Sanrio days book by Sanrio

Nobody's Fool by Yoshitomo Nara

The Small Stakes Music Posters book by Jason Munn

What Shall I Wear Today: Style Secrets of a Furry Fashionista by Fifi Lapin

Handjob by Mike Perry
Over and Over
by Mike Perry

The Grammar of Ornamentation by Owen Jones

The Handy Book of Artistic Printing by Doug Clouse

Audrey Style by Pamela Clarke Keogh and Hubert de Givenchy

Happy Kitty Bunny Pony by Popink

Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy by Popink

The Art of Yumiko Kayukawa by 9mm books

Blossom Buddies by Elsa Mora

Love and Fafiness by Fafi

I Heart Macarons by Hisako Ogita

TOYS [in priority order]

http://www.strapya-world.com/products/32878.html (coy/ coy keychain)

Pink Treeson Bubble by Bubi Au Yeung

Dunny Fatale (by Koralie, ONLY)

French Dunny Series (by Koralie, ONLY)

Donutella by Simone Legno / made by SANRIO (not tokidoki)

Pandacake by Noferin

Leche, Soya, Latte, Rice, Strawberry, Baby Bottle, Choco

by Simone Legno (Tokidoki), by STRANGEco Moofia Series

Baby Treeson Blue by Bubi Au Yeung

Baby Treeson White by Bubi Au Yeung

ALL Ugly Dolls by Ugly Doll


In Which Everyone is Captivated by the Lotus Bloom by Noferin

Touch by Mary Bott

The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

In Which Cherry Blossom Harvest Begins by Noferin (available at their Etsy)

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