A girl's bestie.

Jimi, the sun and Amaretto flavored coffee... the morning is off to a good start.

I am fascinated with drawing things like gems, right now.
Here's a tiger gem thing... and dahlia. (I am also loving dahlias, right now.)

Also fascinated with:
-Native American photography (by: Edward Curtis)
-still life photography of assembled collections of objects
-dahlias, dahlias, dahlias...
-mustaches on anything and everything
-eye patches on anything and everything

And always:

My boyfriend got me these for Valentine's day because I want to start a cactus menagerie!
He got me a Mammillaria Spinossima and an Espostoa Ritteri...
(AKA: "Redheaded Irishman" & "Peruvian Old Lady" )

Fitting, because I already named the Redheaded one Conan.
As for the one wrapped in "webs" (a cactus I've loved since I first saw it in the fall of 2007), I named her Marie. Marie Antoinette is not Peruvian but she had big white wigs. I think. I wanted to name it Peter (like Cottontail) but Justin gets bad memories when I mention Peter Cottontail (I don't know why!).

I want to put them in little white tea pots or something!

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