Angel Hologram.

And more.
Takes my breath away.... the first line I ever saw of his.
My friend told all the Alexander McQueen fans he knew to post new profile pictures on facebook as their favorite McQueen piece... it was too hard for me to do. I like 3 entire collections. I also like an amazing set of clutches! So I posted a picture of him and his mother looking happy, with him kissing her cheek. It looks weird to people who don't know who he is but I don't care.

Today was very busy. Let's just say:
"Responsibility gravitates towards
the ones who can best shoulder it."

After homework, I worked on hand lettered and hand cut letters for a Haiti relief concert my church is doing. I usually cut hanging letters but I like these the best.
I'm sorry my parent's camera is not good.
The letters are pretty big so the picture shown is a bit skewed because I had to take it from far up.
The Hibiscus is the national flower of Haiti.

And another little thing I did, for fun at school, today.

I so badly miss doing self initiated work!

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