New Loves of my Life.

Le Petit Paris is undeniably the most adorable cafe I have ever visited. I went crazy with my parent's little camera because everything was so inspiring! I fell in love with the different chandeliers, the wallpaper, the parasols, the beautifully packaged boutique products on the turquoise basin, the aged looking dolls, the brightly colored iron-wrought chairs and the plump, silver framed, peach tufted furniture. However, that little camera is quite weak at capturing clear photography!
The owner was very nice. She humored my excitement and vended me one of each of the seven available flavors.
They were each uniquely delicious!
There goes one new years resolution. I know I've never been to Paris and that I know Paris cannot be literally eaten, but if Paris could be tasted, I'm sure it would taste like the macarons I had.

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