Bobbles. i love hanging bobbles in my room. it's not 1/2 as impressive as my bestie's sister's bobble wall. but i just make like a fish and LOVE shiny things. also love juxtapoz page cut outs. I've got Killpixie, Seonna Hong, Souther Salazar and Audrey, right now. They are next to the embroidered Animal Alphabet J got me at a yard sale a few months, ago.

When Bestie came back from Japan I photographed a ton of her stuff that she brought back. Mostly kawaii things. Her parents were concerned at all the squealing from her room. haha... Michelle told them, "This is why Tiffany cannot go to Japan with us."
I photographed so much of her souveniers, her sister, who lived there for 7 years (?), came over to Michelle's room with two big boxes of more kawaii trinkets.
Ahh, heaven.

These dolls are from Michelle, for me. They are from a Japanese doll museum. I say Michelle is the one in the red, and I'm the one in the blue. They sit on my desk. Currently, they are looking at a sake nigiri replica keychain. They look like they plan to eat it. THey sit on top of a box that holds me light activated dancing chimp that Justin got me. That's another story.

This is a collaborative drawing by Kale Mendonca, Daniel Mendez and me. It's uh-mate-zing!

Though I will be curating two shows, I'm not showing any work this month... to prepare for my October solo show/ Birthday show!!!
My inspiration include:
the use of space and dimension in Japanese wood cut art
2D floral and damasks common in Persian, Indian and Arabian ornamentation
metallic lining seen in Islamic art
and the usual kawaii kids

I am also happy to say I finally got to read Yoshitomo Nara's interview in the September Juxtapoz. He's one of my most FAVORITE artists! If it featured more paintings from Blum&Poe, perhaps I would've bought the magazine and I'd have more art on my walls.

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