I cannot believe it I am so excited!

Ponyo is being released in America by DISNEY!
i LOOOOOOOOOOVE this Japanese film by Studio Ghibli.
i honestly hope they stuck as close to the original animation as humanly possible.

WATCH TRAILER HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soHf8jnmQNs


lastnight's show... ack! I missed like more than 2/3 of it because of a HORRIBLE headache. im all bummed out now. I love my shows at Kamon. Thank goodness it was a group show and I left it in able hands. However, I feel like I lost my monthly experience. boooo! (and sushi!) anyway, my work is still up and i plan to go back sometime to do a "2nd" viewing of it, with friends. the unanimous response was that they are intriguing and that eventhough I tried a new technique (full acrylic), the visuals are more professional looking and stunning. Which makes me happy. Honestly after painting almost constantly this week I am seeing everything in brush strokes, which is fun! I return to school tomorrow and I will miss the canvas.

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