June show- Kamon Restaurant, Sac

A lot of people came out to my show at KAMON JAPANESE RESTAURANT (aka bestest venue EVUUUR) and it was really a fun experience!

I had 4 walls, this is the new wall.

I was thrilled Michelle made it out! My new pieces are actually all based on her =) awww... i know. haha

It was a very chill showing, lots of eating amazing sushi (especially from the UHMATEZING $5 BAR MENU! but also in the restaurant!) and enjoying good hosting at the bar. Most of my sales were to new people I had met, and this made me feel pretty cool.

I sold 4 prints (two prints for the 2nd time) and one painting (Gemima, who had more than one offer). I was happy at my last show because all the paintings that weren't noticed before were noticed. This time I was even happier because every piece of my 23 piece showing had at least one admirer/relater! Yay! And there were lots of very enthusiastic and indepth conversation/debate sparked by my pieces, including one that lasted quite a while on Ness.

Fighter found a home with a US marine, which I knew Michelle would totally appreciate.

Been working 559% on my illustrative job! It demands a ton of time but it is so worth it!
I also still take odd jobs here and there to keep up with my daily expenses on the way to the book's completion. This is a reproduction of an old illustration for a returning commissioner.

It makes me want to surf!

So on this 3 week break Justin and I were going to bring his cousin through Southern California- especially since Justin and I have been blowing our minds out working and we need a break to get away from it all! However, before we had a chance to make out getaway, another more exciting event has occurred! His nephew has been born! We are all very happy for his sister and I am very happy for her parents and other nephews, who are also here to stay.This past few months have been filled with the cycle of death and life for us both and we are learning and growing, together. Life is a miracle.

My next showing at Kamon is July 11th, from 6pm-12am. I am organizing a group showing based on the theme of geisha! More news on that, in time.

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