may 09. 09
thanks to all my supporters!

There were several strangers, too, that i met who said some particularly kind and uplifting things. they were impressed by the freshness of my subjects and the consistency of my theme, as well as the expandable application. I was delighted when they told me they could see children's books and Sanrio-type culture/stationary coming out of my work... because they didn't know those are actually two of my future long term goals with this project!

This time Justin volunteered to build me a structure to hang the larger canvases... so sweet of him. he did it on little sleep and between shifts and i'm so grateful to his dedication to help me achieve more in this career! besos, love!

All the lovely women who visited me... in the bottom pic, my auntie is wearing one of the first tees i ever designed, far left. steady supporters ... =) I had a few classmates come out, too. Leomel, James and Rebecca are always welcome to my shows! Very awesome feedback and great support! Also, it was amazing to see my good friend, Rani, stop by! I appreciate the efforts (hehe). I'm trying to get him to do some spoken word poetry for me at a show I am trying to organize! Also, my newspaper teacher from highschool came around... that was so funny!

When the show moved to the van after the gallery suddenly closed 2 hrs early, it was still lots of fun!

I was also really interested in what pieces spoke most to people. Fawn, Ness, Toots, Raven, my Lasagna and milk prints each had some admirers.

SOLD: Awaken

Awaken had the most admirers, and she sold to the first one. I was surprised becayse I barely got feedback on that one, last time! Pieces look different with different sets, I guess!

Lovers print series



EMMA AND ELLIOTT [orange framed]
Less foot traffic, this time, but I managed to sell all my available prints done for the new Lovers Series. They came in little, colored ornamental frames. The customers switched up the dating game and it was more like this:


KRISSY AND ELLIOTT [white frames]

EMMA AND KILLERBYTE [orange frames]


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