What people say to me a lot:
"Is that another one of your floppy eared Asian kids?"
"She's kinda scary, don't you admit?"
"Your kids have thumb-toes."
"They have toes on legs."
"They have man hands."
This one, all the time: "That is SO YOU."

I am proud to say that I have accepted
a contracted work for hire that fulfills a childhood dream for me! =) I am currently beginning illustration for a delightful written work that I will be absolutely and happily engrossed in for the next three months ! Yay!

In the meantime, I have come up with a nice new feature for you all.

I always draw on white boards when they are free and there is nothing to do. I recently started taking pictures of them. Usually, if it's at school, some of my sketchy classmates add to it and it gets fun, crazier and humorous.

Chicken. Pot. Pi. mmm.
featuring: Demetrius and Kale Mendonca

I overheard my classmates wondering very seriously if gangsters eat muffins. This is before Trixie added a blue headband and cleavage to my poor lil girl. THOSE ARE CROSSED ARMS ... not tatas! She's like 6.

featuring: Aldo Montijo and Daniel Mendez.

In my design concept class (you can only imagine!)... our teacher loves us all.
Aldo Montijo, Daniel Mendez, Devon Cloutier, Kenny Starks, Tim Kim, and Demetrius.

My girl was supposed to be sad, having cut off too much of her bangs but... but Devon added some brain damage. So I named her:

This one was not at MY school. I drew it in Justin's computer lab at Devry a week ago, apparently it is still standing. Someone erased" love" from spread love but another person added something more...:


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