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I have many collages to post but since my time has been short, I have yet to make them. In the meanwhile I have some GOOD READS for you.


I Am 8Bit by Jon M Gibson.
interesting contemporary pieces inspired by video games.
My favorites were by Katie Price, Peter Gronquit, Sandra Equihua, Love Ablan, Gabe Swarr and Mike Matei.
100 years of Fashion Illustration
by Cally Blackman

mainly because the 60s section is wildly inspiring to me- the colors, the BIBA EYES! ...the style and the lines treatment...

noteworthy- from the recent
Beautiful Decay issue:
-THAT COOL RAIN ILLO is by Erika Somogyi: nostalgic, colorful, deep plays on the psyche
-Aya Kato: (who was ALSO in juxtapoz) detailed, entrancing, harmonious... ornamentals strongly identified as Asian- Chinese, Buddhist, and Japanese references. Yet, not only is the work speaking of the past of the East but also of retro illustration. It does remind me of manga meeting 60s fashion illustration. Strong attention to textile and pattern work, as well.
-THAT COOL HEART ILLO is by Alex Trochut... a fresh talent at illustrating messages literally through pictures and well-thought-out type play.
-THAT COOL TIGER WITH GUN CHICKS ILLO is by Stella Lai: feminine, bold, historical/cultural references, much like Yumiko Kayukawa but more extravagant landscapes
-THAT CRAZY LAND MASS ILO is by Jacob Magraw: psychadelic use of color, line... but clean and neat... a beautiful mess...?

noteworthy- from the recent
-THE ADORABLE JEWELRY is by Tarantino + Kidrobot jewelry would look amazing with your favorite white tank top and jean skirt for the spring...!!!
-THOSE HOTT TEES are by Brian Lichtenberg + Blood is the New Black- very happy they were recognized by Juxtapoz. The tees are fresh, clean and bold!
-THAT SICK LIL BLACK TOY GUY is Usugrow's new toy @ secret-b.com- sick new toy from the Upper Playground resident artist!
-THAT CUTE LIL RED TOY GUY is Sausage cadet @ shawnimals.com- how could you NOT think this is cute?! It's a sausage! A Cadet one! A sausage cadet! Cue French accent, NOW!
-Ugly doll toys @ uglydolls.com- Along with their classic snarky teeth and big blank stares, they are now uglytoys. I want all of them- and I wonder when they release because they're not available on the site, yet!
PS- if you haven't been to the site, do it. It's uber funny.
-THAT CRAZY OTTER ILLO is by Aiyana Udesen's one rainbow colored pencil technique

noteworthy- from CLEAR mag:

-Stelios Faitakis- amazing and entrancing art reference to what I would compare to Byzantine Art. Charged with emotion and commentary on violence in today's world and amongst the holy ground of home.

-THOSE COLORFUL RUNWAY LOOKS are by Custo Barcelona runway SS 09- The colors and mix of patterns on bronzed skin are so exciting! The forms the colors, themselves create are deliciously refreshing!

INTERESTING SITE via SWISSMISS: actual birds nests formed in outdoor type

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