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HUNCA MUNCA- from Beatrix Potter's "Two Bad Mice" and MY MELODY- from the "Onegai My Melody" show

Ponyo On A Cliff By The Sea- from Studio Ghibli

This movie is now one of my absolute favorite Animes and, by far, my favorite full Anime film. It was like finding nemo + the little nemo in slumberland + the little mermaid all wrapped up into one!! A bit of the story line seemed vague- especially when alluding to the romance of Ponyo's own parents and the intentions of her father. What's more, it got a foggier when saying a "man" should accept Ponyo... when the main character is in fact a five year old boy. However, the scripting is very true to the wonder of the kindergarten age! The animated worlds created by Hiyao Miyazaki are of epic scale and pure magic. Our world is just beginning to tap at what exactly is down there- an odd thought, as water is EVERYWHERE. However, the opening scene is great witness to Miyazaki's amazing vision and ability to communicate it to the viewer. HIslarge scale vision of our under-sea world and it's interaction with the one we know is seen through in grand leaps of imagination and color. Several scenes jump to my mind- the scene with Ponyo running on large fish past Sesuke's father, the scene with Lisa's workplace totally underwater and her charges running around like young children. The expressions, ambitions and reactions of the two young characters to the world around them are animated with great attention to the spirit of childhood. =They are, therefore, very charming to say the very least! I adore this film! I cannot wait to see it over and over again!

Random Afroken CG animations... GOOD VIEWING!
youtube has a lot of kawaii cartoons and CG animations up. my favorites are some i found recently of one of my beloooooved Japanese characters EVUUUUUUR. his name is AFROKEN. and he is HILARIOUS.

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