SATURDAY PICS - this stapler bites...

Here's some pics i took through out the week, edited, too...

At art school, we like to make inanimate objects life-like and beautified. Which is why, of course, the video cage has sets of googly-eyes awaiting use in a supply drawer.

Tape dispenser:

A Chompy monster-stapler:

My personal favorite, the drop off box:

The Clock:

I love Tuesday tacos at Rubio's.

I love pho, too. I was super sick this week. The first day I was getting sick, Justin got me pho.

Sometimes, Justin visits me after work, because one of his work places is near-by. The geek loves identifying fighter planes/jets. This queen of hearts is from a deck that, historically, was used to train American forces to identify potential enemy aircraft from different angles.

What I draw on my boyfriend's arm whilst we are eating sushi:

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