RECENT WORK and a few words on partial nudity?

hey guys i just wanted to drop by to show you what i've been doing.


here's that Donnie Brasco translated to the shirt for my client

here is a sneak peek of one piece from a collection of work i've been trying to get together since the fall. i can't wait to reveal them!

JUST finished work on MSA's design for the cover of THE Verdugo Brother's "UNFORGETTABLE NIGHTS" album. justin has shot photography for these guys, before (some shots garnering over 100s of comments on their music myspace haha). but this is the first time i got to help with editing. i loved working on this project because justin's aesthetics and my design knowledge seemed to really drive what the guys wanted. they're a pretty notorious duo and it's an honor to have done this.
grab a CD @ virgin, best buy, target, beatport, amazon... MARCH 3 !!!!!!!!!!

RANDOM THOUGHT (aka: some words on partial nudity in retail advertisement)
it has come to my attention that partial nudity has become a little more widespread than usual in retail advertisement for the younger, urban 20 somethings. i came upon american apparel's ad flashing on the sidebar of an urban digest site and some shots in urban outfitter's latest catalogue.
i know american apparel has intentionaly used flash photography and concepts like "she really likes her socks". at school it's a bit of a joke we repeat that they have made Helvetica "dirty". even deeper than that, their models return the gaze of the viewer. something that, in visual history, signifies a person LIKING being watched. (for example, in history, portraits of nude women usually have their subject returning the gaze and men are usually in the middle of an action, too busy to gratify the viewer.)
... now, urban outfitter's got their muse-like, thin, bored girls in grainy black and white photos, partially nude. they're not looking at the camera- they are like goddesses that you watch go through their glamorous lives without acknowledging you. they seem to be doing their daily routines -they are acting, not offering themselves. the models are slouching, not showing their curves -as an ex-model, i know that slouching is a pose models use for female target audiences. furthermore, the photos are placed beside type that seems treated to look like scrawled notes from someone's journal.
hmmmm... regardless of selling clothes off of alluring people into wanting to be "in your face sexy" or wanting to be "drenched in a glamourous lifestyle", i'm not too shocked. feels like it's inevitable. i mean, partial nudity's been done, before. and as a style fan, i'm use to seeing photos from runway shows where women are scantily covered or clothed. not that i would agree with letting myself be the same. what i am wondering is whether or not these brands will be as barraged with public conversation as Abercrombie and Fitch has.

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