LOVING My Sunday Feeling / New Work

so i have cleaned and done my hw and work, i have also watched the inauguration! (as should we all have)... i am now sitting down to a large cup of (no longer) hot dark chocolate and a fresh entry to LOVIIIING inspirational images!

PS: o wow... my fave, alexander mcqueen is the next designer with an upcoming line for TARGET! hmmm


>>>i have found her name!: Elizabeth Soule
wonderfully creative photographer who brings toys and small objects to life!
>>>>Wallpaper from Eno Henze!

breath taking!
>>>>Hello Kitty for MAC! (via nylon)

i wonder if this cat has surpassed Barbie in number of impressive representative roles!

>>>Product Concept and photography for Confetti System.
>>> Anna Wolf Photography

>>>I'm late on this, but Hula 70's 2008 wrap up entry (01/09/09) with all great pics!


new myspace friend, from Australia...
"My Sunday Feeling"
bestie and i had an estrogen walk, yesterday (through stores!). usually spring is my favorite season to see come into stores... i mean the change from dark and fuzzy to pastels and sheer always jolts me with so much excitement! transitions through the other 3 seasons aren't so abrupt or pleasing for me. anyway, i guess everyone's trying real hard to clear their fall/winter inventory out (poor me, no moolah!) because i saw NONE OF THAT in the stores... nothing as gratifying as looking at this woman's work!
after i accepted this lady's add, i was happy to be met by
the most breathtakingly gorgeous collection of sweet, playful and flirty dresses i have seen for such a very long time! perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. it's like the most pleasant cross of: Blue Lagoon mermaids, crochet work, 1950s token hankies, free spirited hippies, the best flea market finds, hand made candy, mexican embroidery and... sexiness! ooh dear, all in all... how i would love a dress!

my little Miel (pictured below) would love to wear something like that!

been doing a lot of cleaning/organizing. below, i was playing with things i found around the house (paint chips, left over illustration board, old Elle spreads, acrylic, charcoal, sharpies). i was watching a speech by the lovel Paula Scher that inspired me to go back to making things out of anything- especially using techniques new to you. i thought i'd take the advice and run with some thoughts i'd been thinking about, lately. i have always been concerned about child rights but i have lately been delving into some thought about women's rights, as well. here's some visual thinking out loud:

a new year, a new president.
here's to acting towards awareness of social and political issues that threaten the women and children of our global family!


  1. where can i buy that dress, the first one on the topish...it is amazing

  2. Where do I find some of those pretty dresses from?