on my first break from working on projects all day. thought i would finally open up the self interview i intended to post, before and paste/post it up!

IS ART LIFE!?: No. it's a way to look at it.

WHAT TYPE OF ART DO YOU DO?: my first love is drawing. i paint and do digital illustration, as well. i freelance in graphic design, my current major. i adventure through the wonderful world of D.I.Y crafting. i am infamous for being attached to my camera and stopping to take photographs of pretty things. i enjoy collages and my own psedo-digital scrapbooking. i want to learn every media i can!!!

YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF STREET ART?: before i became serious about creating a career in art, street art really lead me into the art world. i didn't do as much of the actual activity as much as i looked at it. it started me on my obsession of archiving images that inspire my own work. after three years of lacking the confidence to create as explosively as the urban scene I loved to view, i started pushing my artistic abilities through sketching. now i am reunited with my artistic imagination, although i still envy the kind little kids still have!

WHAT RANDOM PROJECTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A PART OF, SOMEDAY?: i've done a few custom art toys, but i would love to create my own official set, in the near future. i would love to paint larger murals, sometime and i am currently developing some themes that i want to work into my first gallery showing. also, i want to illustrate a line of stationary. i've always been infatuated by pretty, blank paper! i always need a notebook on me and when i was a kid i'd keep stationary paper just for the design.

WHEN DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO STUDY DESIGN?: when i was three or four, i was always getting in trouble for cutting things up and drawing on blank things. this one time, i took a pink crayola marker to my mom's freshly made white sofa covers. i spaced out hearts evenly on the bottom skirt- like one heart on every other pleat. i was so busted!!!! but i had fun.

YOU DREW AS A KID?: didn't we all? kid art is the best!

WHAT DID YOU DRAW?: i don't think i had any definite phases until 4th grade to 5th grade. I loooved drawing dogs! that was my borrow-a-dog-book-from-the-library phase. In middle school i went from stylistic drawing to trying to draw something as accurately as possible. I wasn't good at faces so i drew the backs of kids that sat in front of me in class. Lots of times a classmate would ask me to draw their back.

DID YOU EVER REJECT THE REQUESTS?: no. but i detested drawing for all my brother's school projects.

DID YOU EVER DRAW A MAKESHIFT COMIC BOOK?: a few. i liked manga.. Thanks to Sailor Moon. My friend and I created our own manga on binder paper. We had a whole world planned out in a binder. i also had a story based on biologically engineered kids. then, i met a girl in my orchestra who was very articulate and drawing manga. i got an inferiority complex and quit drawing for a long time.

THEN WHAT DID YOU DO?: i wrote a lot at this time. i started to write several novels. today, words are such a big part of me that i constantly think in terms of etymology! i love poetry and spoken word. i would be a writer if not an illustrator. the first thing i ever remember being was a "arthur and illustrator" of children's books. partly because i read a ton of Little Golden Books. To today I still recognize certain illustrators from books I held dear.

FAVORITE?: Eloise Wilkins. Eric Carle. Helen Craig. Beatrix Potter. Maurice Sendak. and there's one i don't know the name of because that person illustrated a book I have not been able to track down.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. DESCRIBE THE BOOK?: it was about a king who had a ton of wives and even more kids. their pet goat got in a lot of trouble for eating everything. in the end, there was this genie who turned him into the kids' bus driver.

YOU'RE INTO FASHION.: Yes, I enjoy high fashion. Fashion illustration and fashion photography are both forms of eye candy for me! I have never, until recent years, been anywhere near girly, myself. As a rough and tumble tom boy I went well out of my way to avoid looking stylish. Being into art really got me into fashion at the same time. Fashion design is in many ways very easy to carry on to other forms of design.

DIRTY LITTLE FASHION SECRET?: o wow, my indulgence are style.com and elle.com... just running through all the pictures of the collections- so fun! ... i love getting catalogs in the mail to places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie... and i love creating my own accessories.

COLORS: my eyes have these cravings, sometimes, to be stimulated by soothing or bright color sets. yellow is my favorite color. everything looks good with white, brown or gray: reddish pink. aqua. reddish purple. reddish orange are fun for me right now.

WHERE WOULD YOU LOVE TO TRAVEL TO, SOMEDAY?: Santorini, New York, Istanbul, Florence, Alaska, Petra... parts of Egypt, India. anywhere in: AFRICA... where i hope to own an elephant reserve!.... and South America.

FAVORITE THINGS LIST: Sweet old couples. working with kids. big babies. kid art. cute/kawaii culture. stickers. stationery sets. scrapbooking. oragami paper. crystal hearts. ornamentation styles from around the world. buddhist art. home vids. candids. cute notebooks. handwritten cards. post its. cute matching and fuzzy pjs. bubble bath. paper lanterns. hurricane lamps. oriental parasols. chandeliers. music boxes. cherry blossoms. stargazer lilies. white cacti. carnations. pearls. folk art from latin america/ far east). antique stores. vintage jewelry. retro illustration and retro watercolor. vintage textile. asian import textile. art dedicated to SWEETS AND DESSERTS! lil boutiques. mom n pop restaurants.

TRY TO LIST FAVORITE FOODS THAT ARE NOT DESSERTS: that is hard. actually, no, it's not! this sounds gross but stuff with gravy, guac or sour cream. i also like pho, Sushi with cream cheese... and OH! i almost started naming sweets!

SOME FAVE ARTISTS?: that's like asking me to name my favorite desserts. haha...

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ANIMALS?: the general consensus is that tiffany is always bound to fall in love with the big, lovable, sweet, dim witted creatures. aside from that... i have a knack for naming dog breeds. personally, when i get married, i'm geting an English Bulldog. always had a partiality to elephants. and gizmo the mogwai (except when hes hard to take care of!)... Adelie penguins also give me a chuckle.

RANDOM SHOUT OUTS TO: Charlie the Unicorn. Charice Pempengco. Liam (Kelly) Sullivan. hello -the mofo-ing princess -kitty. Afroken. muppets' animal. YOU! FOR READING THIS!

YOUR SYMBOLS: the tiffany diamond. pearl. lotus blossom. phoenix.

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