--crowded teeth's blog. her idea for one project a day is brilliant and i'd love to own her book! i wish i could do that. plus her illustrations are so heart warming- such a cute, sweet, honest lovable retro feel in every piece. amazing and inspiring!

--la princesita's fotolog. she's done a lot of work with the kind of imagery ive been working on like lotus blossoms, little girls with feist, sweets, sugar skulls, aureolas and koi. i looove that stuff!
--pretty little thieves has some beautiful hand crafted work on her site.
--dior jewelry

--imitation dior jewelry ...

--the type treatment on singer ROBYN'S albums.

--Clotilde Olyuff's rock alphabet.

--hand carvings of jolynn krystosek... detailed, pure, fragile, captivating.
--James Jean's new book:

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