On a cloudy, rainy day

Oh, man. The rainy, foggy and cloudy weather is back. It's always been my favorite! It reminds me of happy, cozy memories of reading in the sheets and walking under the umbrella with my babysitter, growing up.

Now, these days consist of pumpkin pie, coffee and work.
I do miss the reading!


Look what I got for my birthday from Justin! Aside from the routine 4 layer raspberry iced poppyseed cake he takes me for at Rick's Diner in Sacramento, he got me the Small Stakes Poster book.

Yay! Check that off my wishlist! I love it so much and droll on it so much. Jason Munn's aesthetic is abstract yet communicates the feeling of music. His work feels vintage and illustrative. Of course, I love it.

He has a true gift. And I thank my Justin for his gift!



One of my favorite stores to visit, looking for concept inspiration!

Check these out. TOTALLY want these!

Polaroid Post-Its

These gorgeous, delicious, luxurious bookmarks! Would be amazing for all those poli sci books I still want to finish!

And, of course... this one is still being sold. When I first saw it, I freaked out.
It's gotten a lot of attention, since.


Also, working on my design signature for my portfolio class (finally!). I can't wait to share my progress with you.

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