Experimental Type (TYPE III at the Art Institute of Sacramento)

I will be featuring some of my favorite assignments which are results of an experimental type class.

We start with my type designer, MORRIS FULLER BENTON. If you know nothing about him, here's a quick wiki:

The identities of the fonts used in these posters shine forth in recipes that are characteristic
of a culture that uses them.
Forms of gothic letterforms, such as News Gothic Bold, are used in the Star Wars’ opening crawls. Here, the font designs the recipe for Wookie Cookies. The clarity of New Gothic is juxtaposed with the wookie-like foreign appearance of Wingdings.
The font, Century Condensed Bold dominates the journalism
world through newspaper headlines. Here, it used to communicate the properties of a Journalist’s Cocktail. The boldness of this font is compared to the emotionless and bland font, Arial.

Two other posters communicate the core essence of each recipe.

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