I'm really having fun thinking of different illustrated lists I want to make!

In the meantime, here's some cool images!

Flurry & Stalk
Most gorgeous mask I've seen.

Grethcen Wagoner (via Design for Mankind)
I don't like butterflies. I really don't. But this is amazing. I love the placement of the collage, the colors and emotion. I also have a thing for delicate illustrated rope borders...

Picture from HelloMrFox antique store
I want a collection like that!

Maria Gil Ulldemolins (via Design for Mankind)
I know some would see this as creepy, but I love it. It's so hauntingly pretty.

Immaculate Perception by Matthew Rose (via Swiss Miss)
I am really liking surrealist collages, lately. This is so simple, yet I love the fragility and stark imagery of it.

Kokeshi doll by Elsa Mora

I have always wanted to paint dolls similar to this! So sweet. I usually love anything by Elsa Mora. She creates so many crafted fine art pieces I wish I could some day create!

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