(hint, hint, Valentine!)

A terrarium (or two) by artist, Litill.
Because I love bunches of different cacti!

These books.
Duh (if you know me).
The one on the left is the art submitted to the Three Apples exhibit in LA. I wanted so badly to go to that, but I cannot teleport. So I could not!
The one on the right is a documented history of Sanrio from the 70s-80s. I cannot wait to flip through this! And OWN it!

These mugs.
Because they make me smile, and I would love to have a temporary mustache to make others smile. An interchangeable mustache, at that!
(By Peter Bruegger)

(Uptown Avenue, Etsy)

Digby&Iona stump ring (via Swiss Miss)
I want this so bad. It's so romantic and quirky!

Fifi Lapin for Pacsun!
Oh, how I've always wanted a fabulous Fifi fan shirt!

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