I got that triple shot of Espresso in the usual Caramel Macchiato to do some work. I wish I didn't sleep... I could get so much done! haha... Justin tells me there's a book about a world with no sleeping and that I should read it.
My days are usually dedicated solely to homework. I haven't worked a part time job in some time because I tend to be ambitious and spread myself thin over volunteer work, hobbies, work and school. At this point, I want to concentrate really hard on making my school reputation a great one before I graduate. That way I can graduate earlier and hopefully get a better job straight out of school so I can save for a few years before I go into my intended Master's program (art therapy- ATR).
Anyway, things are so much more quiet and forcefully solitary at night. That makes for wonderful creative time. In the daytime, I'm getting more restless. I seem to have less discipline when it comes to self initiated projects I know I want to do when things are livelier in my surroundings.
It helps to be in a coffee shop- partly because coffee seems to be like my aphrodisiac for working! Maybe it's a placebo effect but I feel my focus sharpen with coffee in my system. If I had a MAC laptop I would be the epitome of the hipster art student.

PS} My hand lettered/cut forms weren't used at the concert they were intended for. This makes me a sad Tiffany because I spent so long to get them right. They were my small way of donating to the cause without being able to attend. *tear

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