on the way back to the car, walking with my friend Michelle who has inspired me tremendously with her training for marathon (that 26.6 miles) running... i dropped into Dragatomi in Sacramento and began a venture i've always thought about .... i started my designer vinyl toy collection,

i know:
-as someone who falls in love easily with cute character art i'm entirely vulnerable to collecting EVERY set of toys i see.
-although the mini toys are easier to afford in the short term process of collecting, they can add up to big sums of spend-age, easily!
-spend-age is not a word

but after about four years eying the market there are a few sets i know for sure i'd be happy to own. I either haven't gotten old for me to look up and draw inspiration from... or i just admire the artist who started it and it's the cheapest way i can have something of theirs in my office if i really want to be one of the cool kid-at-heart artists who has a studio with a wall of toys and prints.

i have a green Buff Monster mini figure from the Flavorways series 1 collection, Half and Half from Tokidoki's Moofia and Popa the Magic Key from Friends With You's Wish Come True toys.

never fear, however. ive decided (at least for now) to only aim to keep the characters of the sets that are my favorites. however, sometimes i like them all!

it's opened the floodgate.

WISHLIST (some of which i only dream haha)

BM008 and BMoo6
MINDSTYLE's BUFF MONSTER mini flavorways series 2
mint choco chip, Neopolitan, rocky road, cookie dough
the magenta Demon Seed

MOOFIA ( by Simone Legno)
strawberry milk, latte, leche, and the baby bottle, Mozzarella

STRANGEco's WISH COME TRUE (by Friends With You)

just the happy one with the big smile!

SANRIO'S DONUTELLA KITTY figure (by Tokidoki x Sanrio)

CACTUS KITTY figure (by Tokidoki x Sanrio)

UGLY DOLL toys (Ugly Doll)

KIDROBOT DUNNYS (by Koralie and Supakitch, and by Aya Kakeda)
the French Dunny Koralie dunny, the Koralie x supakitch 8 inch dunny collab, the series 5 Aya Kakeda designed dunny

PECAN PALS (by Noferin)

BUBBLEFUN TREESON 8" (by Bubi Au Yeung)


(i don't want these but) how fitting that NOFERIN, one of my favorite artist collabos has started a 2nd toy line, this month:
JIDIBUTS. i love how they are male and female. i would buy these for my babies if i ever have any!

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