Bestie girl time over pumpkin scone and pumpkin spice latte !

Then watching julie & julia as the youngest girlfriends in the theater ! =P I mean, I do wish I were a domestic goddess, right?

The movie reminds me of Justin and my relationship =)... loved all the eye candy. The kitchens? To die for. And so was the Parisian scenery. And so was the set design of the little Queens apartment. Embroidery over the bed? Please!
I feel like an Etsy-loving, vintage-grabbing, artsy fartsy kid like me designed the sets and costumes. Two little white dresses Julie wore MUST be mine. Including this one, which she wore in a rooftop dining scene (also an amazingly romantic idea).

Of course, Meryl Streep is a fave of mine and I found myself amused by the dynamic with Stanley Tucci. Both were in Devil Wears Prada. Their delivery in that movie was very different, as the roles were. I also felt that Amy Adams, though sometimes cute for the sake of cute, was actually very fitting for her role. I want to own this movie so I can laugh at it, again, someday.

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