Love Tokyobunnie (even more!) and my Geisha girls...

hey everyone!
i was thrilled when i saw my favorite blogger post about my etsy =)


"I really love the sweet prints for sale in Tiffany Valdez's Nany Dada Etsy shop. Cute doe-eyed girls riding atop foxes and snails, what's not to love?" -TokyoBunnie

The Geisha show

Here are the paintings from my July show!:

The Enchantress

The Thief

The Consorter

The Altruist

The Untouchable

All the pieces have different fans and are based on "Creatures of the Night". The nocturnal animal in each piece reflect the geisha and I also have references to different nebulae in each piece. They are hanging for this month at Kamon Japanese Restaurant until my next group show, which is August 8th. The theme is pop art.

I will also be doing live art with my "co-hordes", Daniel Mendez and Grady Fike, at Kamon on the 29th of August.

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