Last Day of my First Year

I have completed my first year at the Art Institute of Sacramento... actually my 5th term, but that's sort of like my first year.
Went out with a bang!

Started off with this.

Aldo Montijo did his usual Homer, this time sarcastically commenting on our visual recognition.

Daniel had nothing better to do, ofcourse, than hate. Which is cool, becauze I'm sure the kid is just jealous of my amazing skills (ha!)... As you can see, below, both my co-hordes just keep flattering me with their sorry tries at imitation.

The talented Mr.Grady -who never talks until after noon, at which point he only talks in contrary statements- joined in. I really want to stop by his art installment. Apparently, it kicked major booty.

Anyway, we had three hours on the board because our photo teacher let out class right after finals were done. I'm pretty sure Daniel took some video. Our friends who also had classes to wait around for were happy to sit back and be entertained by us.

During concept design, our teacher (who I am convinced really DOES think we're the best class ever) gave us a bunch of free food (yes, I did clean up) and we watched How To Draw A Bunny, after finals. The immediate comparisons between Johnson's Shelley Duval and my children ensued.

I think it's valid. We both had biba-styled makeup inspiring our drawings. Though I have to say that, though Ray Johnson and I both loved making hidden commentary through character-style art, my art is more kawaii-culture inspired and Japanese woodblock inspired.

PS: I love when people at my shows know exactly what/who my influences and inspirations/aspirations are...
PPS: I love when people ask me to draw them as one of my "children", "dolls", "asian kids", "angry floppy earred children with cankles".

INFO ABOUT MY LAST ART SHOW TO COME SOON. sorry it's so late. My photographers are droppin' the ball on relaying my photos! =(

Yay... summer! I am halfway done on my illustrations for the book I've been hired to illustrate. It's fun and zany to research and challenges my imagination to draw. I really have been putting a lot of hard work into it. This last week, the show, my finals and double illustrations (I am going on vacation, hopefully, next two weeks) have been really pushing my limits. It's great, I actually enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can go. However, my eye veins keep popping (??!?!) and I need rest... so... haha.. why, yes I am happy for the 3 week summer break! I also want to see if I can fit in some more time for more detailed and engrossing paintings.
A project in my photo II class has taught me I'm more of a motivated goal-meeter who knows what she wants than an overachiever. We took pictures of something at the same time of day, for 40 days, and I photographed 1/2 my desk at the end of the day. It included my to-do-board list (which people noted had no defacements on it!). When I went through them I saw that I made an effort to play hard just as much as work hard, moving blocks of work around to make sure I had that real and personal fulfillment of social activity. I knew what would make me happy and I made sure that things were lined up for it.


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