My Ness

This is my Ness, so far. I love love love her. I loved her so much that I felt happier about having to gesso over the smaller painting I did of her last month. I gesso-ed over that last one because I was not proud of the quality. With this one, I feel I've found a really expressive brush technique. I don't know if I'm adding more to her. She's one of 4 large new canvases that will join several print sets and smaller 5 new smaller canvases I am working on for 2 shows, next month.

I really loved reading these GOOD READS when I was waiting for my photo homework to print!:

New Vintage Type by Steven Heller
I have always loved this one since when I first came across it and sometimes like to revisit it when I feel I want to handletter more type in my sketch book. Such fun ways to harken upon nostalgic type!
The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo
This little book lives up to it's name. It's sweet and simple design reflects exactly what it offers. Inside are patterns and easy-to-follow instructional pictures and tutorial steps to making little felt characters that would make your heart melt! There are also fun suggestions on how to add them to clothes, backpacks and other apparel to make yourself look sweet and sassy! I can't wait to try one! I've got all the material except felt in my possession, already.
Treasure of Decorative Floral Designs by Dover
This short paperback is definetly not short on inspiration! I was looking for some ornamentals to infuse an ancient-early civilization feel to my upcoming painting ideas. I have been searching through archives of cultural ornamentals and feeling more like I wanted to go towards the floral ones. This book was a perfect anecdote to my craving! Each panel was brimming with different ways to use line and shape to show create floral designs, patterns, and ornamentals. I was rushing to go get my photos I was waiting to develop and thought I would sit and flip through this one, but I actually spent about half an hour taking photos of different pages (because I can't afford copies).


I would watch Gremlins 2 over and over, as a kid. I was in love with Gizmo, the little, cute, cuddly furball of uber high maintenance. Also, I wanted to look just like Phoebe Cates, someday! I LOVE MY GIZMO PLUSH! I got him, last night. I saw him from across a store and literally stopped mid-sentence and ran to him and picked him up. The toy immediately started singing and dancing! ... It was love...

Thanks, babe for getting him for me! To this day, he has been on my wish lisht.This makes me super happy and giddy, although he has no real use value.
Now, I can trash my very very worn out Gizmo t-shirt that I kept only because he was on it.

Also, I made the president's list for the fifth time, last quarter. At the luncheon I was sad there was no cake. I feel like there should be. I told the President but I think he thought I meant only for me when I hit my sixth quarter but I really meant for everyone. We must celebrate!

One more thing! I currently would trade all my jeans in my wardrobe right now for all dresses, skirts and shorts. Beautiful weather, outside! Super hot, though!

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