crunch time is coming on for the paintings to be done by sat. it's fun and exhilarating, challenging and nerve-racking...

as a break from paintings, after running some art-related errands, Justin took me out to a buffet to celebrate completing my first year at AI, consistently on the President's list... a touch achievement but one I really made a point to reach. I know grades are not as important as a portfolio but I'm working on that, too. Also, I got to meet his 4 baby chicks that he bought for the hell of just having some, this weekend. They were PRECIOUS!

Also- if you are a trekkie, you SIMPLY MUST WATCH "THE VOYAGE HOME" movie... it's just TOO MUCH!

also i started a new semester. these are the classes i am taking:
History of Graphic Design
College Algebra (haha)
Photography II
Concept Design

I am very sad that I haven't gotten my Type II class yet... many of my peers are in their 3rd type class, already- thats three quarters done with type. To still be able to challenge their advancement, I keep up on paying careful attention to good type design in my little, bi-daily blog sweeps.

this is my weekly hero:

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