Went to my student's birthday, Sunday. She turned 9. It was amazing how organized those kids were, just playing outside, a lot of them dancing and having good fun. Justin and I settled for some good food, but by the Cha Cha slide, me and my friend could not resist joining! Wall-E was on the cake, and the kids seemed happy to eat that cake while we took the floor. Then Justin and the girl's brother played COD4. Her little sister -4 years- held a controller. You know, to make her feel like she was playing. She insisted she was not afraid of the Nazi zombies featured in the bonus round. I gave in to letting her stay there, but made sure none of the other kids entered... Anyway, the celebrant got a bike and I got the reaction shots. However, my camera speed was not set well enough so they are not post-worthy (*sigh).

The 4 year old's room is covered with pink, purple and princess toys.

Had a nice little day with Justin and his cousin, Jasmine, driving around.

My Gustav in China

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