FINALLY i have completed my finals. craft turned out a tiny bit lacking... sadly... in two of my projects... which happened to be both for the same class. A shame since I had them printed twice for hte same reason and I had worked so hard on the images...

Hmmm... cleared a good $80 from me... but that's pretty cheap for finals! I got a lot of discounts and some good advice and help from some good people at Kinkos.

I walked about 5 hours back and forth and then I unwound working on a painting.

I am working on my first show. I hope it goes through... if not at least I did the work!

Spring break on Friday... HERE I COME!

found via Design is Mine

Also, saw these a while back but I've been so busy!
in LOVE with these candy logos!:

Massimo Gammcurta... found on tons of blogs

I will be finishing going through FALL 09 lines. I perused throughout the past 2 weeks to give my mind some candy while I had a lot of homework. It saved me a lot of times! haha... I was so stressed and I'd literally unwind looking at the lines on style.com!

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