lost my guinea pig, yesterday, to a virus that lay dormant until two years after i bought him. what is it about losing a little furball? suddenly you become very aware of the big physical and emotional hole created in their absence. he was like some look-alike doll, when i saw him. not the curious, constantly-licking--salt-off-your hand, guinea pig that would stand up on his hind legs for cilantro and let me dress him up in bizarre outfits! during my quiet time between projects, for some reason this image of him on a harry-potter-esque train kept popping into my head! it made me smile. my little guinea pig in a brown bowler... in a sunny train compartment where women cart around golden celery. the funniest part is that he's not human size or even talking. the only thing different about him is that he can wear a hat and sit at a window, watching the sun rise. just little yoyo with a little more understanding of the world.

Yo-Yo Ma. 2006-2008
a very good pet. an unforgettable friend.
--i knew my favorite art store was my favorite for a reason! i went all over town for some things and the service has sucked everywhere but there!
--went to the most inspiring memorial i have ever been to in my life thus far, yesterday. only met the man a few times but i hope to leave a legacy like that.

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