so lastnight was pretty busy.
i helped some friends lead a church concert where i led two kids through some sign language. i also sang two songs with my choir. further more i sang acapella because i really am not good at memorizing guitar chords at all, much less the day of.
((justin's wisdom teeth were pulled so i was taking care of him and his nephew along with commissioned work the past few day. and i had to sing because he was scheduled to play his sax.))
anyway. there was this stray dog with no tag. we got to church that evening and the kids were just playing with the dog, who seemed very friendly. he was a big alaskan malamute puppy (you know i know my breeds). but i was still a bit afraid because hey who lets their small kids just run around with a stranger-dog? he hung around from 4pm to like 9pm.
by the end of the concert, when none of the neighbors claimed the dog, a sneaky war began to brew over ownership. though they had already agreed to name the dog after a character on Naruto, the little kids really had no power to try to take the dog since their parents didn't really seem enthused by owning such a large dog. while everyone ate the dinner potluck, it was namely our friend and my bf who were left in the running.
eventually when it was decided that the tagless dog had nowhere to go, we were all pretty sad for him because he was super thin and seemed attention starved. so -despite the fact that his mother was super terrified by a puppy of such size (he jumped on her back and was about her height)- justin got the dog in his car and we drove him to another friends house. where he remains. and where several young men are headed to try to claim the dog before justin does.

he just always wanted a wolf-dog since balto.

i just hope the nice doggie finds a or his home before christmas.


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