LOVING spring09rtw surfing

-my guilty pleasure when i just want to treat myself is to surf elle.com and style.com's RTW archives. i archive a lot of the images of ensembles i like, myself. i categorize them in little folders in my external HD and like to go back for inspiration on color sets or tips on synthesis or whatever i feel. even reference of the female forms (according to the models). its like my dream dress up closet... except digital. sadly? haha. my favorites tend to change and shift depending on what styles/concepts im currently responding to but alberta ferreti has been one steady favorite. does anyone else do this?
almost done surfing the SPRING 09 rtw. expect a review =)

wunderkind SPRING rtw 09
-how MIA's paper planes has been redone like millions of times and how i listened to it before it hit the radio buuuut... i still like it.

-DANCE by Justice

-HEY LEONARDO by Blessid Union of Souls
-i can finally rap Flobot's HANDLEBARS perfectly.
-Sneaky Raccoon's flickr gallery! so adorable.
-Tokyo Bunnie's blog because it's a quick fix of info on artists i like and artists i will like!
-feeding my Captain Gustav the bearded dragon grape to calm her down.

STRESSING: not having my cell working.

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