Oh, lal-a

thank you to so many special people for the encouragement to finally start a blog for my art =)

nany dada and yellow lady fans can stop by here whenever for a little helping to what's been on my table -drawing and computer desk, if you will- most recently. feel free to give much welcome critique on any pieces that i have in progress! coming up will be some previews of the sketch project i've most recently started -a set of about 11 that still aren't all cranked out yet. also, i am intending to post a self interview haha... it will include a lot of clues as to what nany dada is all about.

still tweaking designs.

oh and to my supporters, if you have any pics of yourselves with my art, i'd love to see em.

bestie in limited edition print from earlier season =)

1) birds never fly away from cars, anymore.
2) i rediscovered my favorite brand of childhood porcelain dog miniatures.
3) i love cupcakes buy me a cupcake and not a drink on my 21st. beso!
4) pam and jim... forever.
5) it is breast cancer awareness month. and on a different note, yes, i will be voting, this year.
6) geoffrey nunberg is hilarious.


  1. Hey lady... what does the gray shirt your friend is wearing say? I can read the "Every girl is a pretty girl" part but not the rest of it...

    Thanks lots!! ~PandaLady

  2. Every girl is a Pretty Thing
    Every girl deserves some bling

    currently being reworked. =)